Initial Action Services

IAS knows stable, secure and consistent communications is the backbone of any operations. IAS systems, are reliable, rugged and scalable solutions for rapid deployment for any size incident or event.
A key component specific to the IAS suite of products, is our “Point to Point” and “Point to Mulit-point” mesh technology system that can accommodate various elevation changes up to 50 miles with little to no reduction in speed while providing robust 4G LTE communications to support real time sharing of data and intelligence to line personnel.
Our “IAS Unit” is our next generation solution. Our “Off the Grid Technology”, Ka bandwidth Commercial grade, high speed satellite network, is powered by either AC and/or 12-volt DC solar battery power system and delivers affordable broadband internet service (250+ users, dedicated speeds for different locations, high speed access point, wireless LAN and WAN, video and voice over IP for Operation Briefing streaming, file transfer, high speed 4G LTE, e-mail, web-browsing and more).


Expect the unexpected

Our Services


  • High Speed Internet


    IAS provides high performance fixed, mobile on-demand trailers and portable heli-base or secondary on-demand Internet solutions using dual matrix satellite systems that provides a fully redundant satellite infrastructure. IAS uses two North American teleports (NOCs) which services two different high performance satellites that operate independent of one another. With the Dual Matrix service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at anytime, anywhere.

    One Mobile Dish provides:

    • Dual Satellites
    • Dual Teleports
    • Dual Hubs
    • Dual Networks
    • Dual Backbones


  • Voice, Video& VPN

    IAS specializes in providing standard phone service over satellite with VoIP phone equipment & service when using a iDirect satellite network. Our VoIP services include wired and wireless equipment that utilize our optimized iDirect network that makes callers unaware they are speaking over a satellite connection. We support a variety of video applications including- Video Conferencing, Video Streaming and Video Surveillance. We also provide VPNs and Managed Data Services.


  • Fixed & Mobile Satellite Solutions

    IAS offers satellite Internet services for global and remote connectivity solutions. IAS provides fixed, mobile and portable satellite solutions. Our solutions support temporary or long-term use requirements with flexible service plans that include the equipment and high performance commercial satellite services.



24/7 Dispatch – (800) 200-3995

IAS provides high speed Internet, via satellite with fixed or mobile satellite technology on both short term and long term basis or for occasional use purposes. Contact us today for more information.

Ready to Respond



Servicing All-Hazard Emergency Incidents, Special Events and Logistical Services



• All-Hazard Incident Management Teams
• Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
• Emergency Command Center (ECC)
• Fire Police and EMS Agencies
• FEMA Disaster
• Humanitarian Aid
• Military
• Oil & Gas Exploration
• Motion Picture Cinema and Music Concert
• Sporting Events
• Merchandise Vendor Support
• Remote Desert/Mountain Events
• Training Exercises
• Available For Short Term and Long Term Deployments and Events
• And more….